My sessions are not your typical "portrait" sessions. Sitting in the most uncomfortable positions, forcing a smile, and hearing the photographer say those dreaded words, "say cheese" is just not my style. I am a photojournalistic photographer; meaning that I love to take pictures that tell a story - YOUR story. Sessions with me are held out on-location (your favorite park, your home, around town, where he proposed, etc.). Life happens in a's my pleasure to capture these moments for you to treasure forever. It is my goal to capture you and your family as you are; real, authentic, and passionate.

Be simple, relaxed, and let's both be daring.

I am asked all the time, "What do I wear? Where are we shooting at?" Just keep it simple is my answer...but keep it about you. You'll hear lots of photographers tell you to avoid bold patterns & busy designs, but you know what...they can work in the right setting. So if your favorite shirt is bright green with big graphics on it, bring it. Bring a few clothing options. You may be changing a few times during your session. Don't forget to also bring props like your musical instrument, uniform, sporting equipment, hats, child's favorite stuffed animal, etc. Bring whatever makes you YOU. Now about where we are going to be shooting at...I enjoy capturing your memories for what they are - memories. The most gorgeous landscape or waterfall in the background does not make the picture beautiful, it's the people captured in their element that makes the photo. Many of my favorite images have been taken at a park on a swing, against an old brick building, in an old barn, and in an open field. Just be you, your essence will shine thru.

Relax, relax, relax. Take a deep breath. It's OK. Running a few minutes behind? Not the best hair day for you? Your daughter just wouldn't wear that cute dress and now your oldest son doesn't want to sit and wants to climb the trees? No worries. These are the memories that are treasured and make you and your family "you". They will be captured in a way that they deserve to be remembered. Some of my favorite moments happen between posed shots; they are unexpected and treasured and real fun to capture. So like I wrote earlier - RELAX!

I dare you to just have fun. Let me take shots that are "outside of the box". I dare you to laugh out loud with your children or partner - these types of shots are fun and show true emotion! Expecting? I dare you to let me take a shot standing over you with your belly hanging over your toes. I'm daring myself. I'll get down on the ground for the right shot. I'll climb walls and fences if needed (even though I'm terrified of heights). Let's be daring together.